Genzyme Care Coordination in the U.S.

In an ongoing effort to assist healthcare professionals who treat patients with Pompe disease, Genzyme is committed to providing comprehensive support services.

Genzyme Medical Information

Genzyme’s Medical Information Department can provide information on Pompe disease and diagnostic testing. Please call 8am until 6pm EST, Monday through Friday:

1-800-745-4447, option 2 (toll free)
1-617-768-9000, option 2

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Genzyme Care Coordination in the U.S.

With almost 20 years of experience, Case Managers in Genzyme’s Patient and Product Services Department provide free and confidential care coordination, support and services to individuals living with Pompe disease and their healthcare providers.  Genzyme Case Managers are experienced healthcare professionals, employed by Genzyme.  They are committed to helping patients and their healthcare providers connect with available resources that may assist in the diagnosis and management of Pompe disease. 

Patients have access to comprehensive care coordination services that include:

  • One-on-one, personalized case management
  • Information about diagnostic testing options for patients and their families
  • Help to identify insurance coverage or alternative funding options for testing and evaluations related to Pompe disease
  • Disease-related educational materials
  • Information about the Pompe Registry
  • Coordination and exchange of information between patients and their healthcare providers, insurers, and others who play a role in the diagnosis and treatment of their disease
  • Access to other Genzyme resources, including field-based support, for patients and their healthcare providers
  • Spanish-speaking Case Managers as well as interpreters for other languages

To learn more about Genzyme’s Care Coordination services or to speak with a Case Manager in your area, please call us today:

1-800-745-4447 (option 3) or
1-617-768-9000 (option 3)
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Genzyme offers these Care Coordination services in strict compliance with patient privacy regulations (HIPAA).

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Genzyme Medical Information can answer questions about Pompe disease.

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Pompe Registry

Find out about the Pompe Registry, an ongoing, observational database that tracks natural history and outcomes of patients with Pompe disease.

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